:{DEC}: Gaza Crisis Appeal

After an 18 month blockade of Gaza and three weeks of heavy shelling the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is now completely overwhelming.

* Thousands of people are struggling to survive with many having lost their homes and most down to their last supplies of food and only limited amounts of fresh drinking water.

* Electricity – Gaza receives electricity only intermittently, although some areas remain without any power due to localised damage. There is a significant public health risk arising out of the almost collapse of Gaza’s water and sewage system, the running of which is dependent on electricity.

* Water – North Gaza and middle Area has improved. At least 70 percent of the water system in these areas is functioning, though localized damage prevents some households from receiving water. The sewage network in parts of Gaza still requires urgent repairs

* Shelter – 4000 residences were completely destroyed and another 17,000 partially destroyed

* At least 412 Children have been killed and 1,855 injured

* 60% of the population is living in poverty

* 1.1 million people are dependent upon aid to survive.

* Health – The capacity of the health system has been significantly reduced due to the damage of at least 21 clinics. Ten primary health care clinics are functioning as emergency clinics and hospitals and intensive care units continue to treat the mass casualties.