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What do you usually plan for your Sunday afternoon?
Not a lot? Same here.
It’s a tricky one – the lazy void between a Saturday night hangover and the back-to-work fear. After Hollyoaks, but before Match of the Day 2. Let me tell you a story.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Prolix didn’t have anything planned so, when The Smackmaster Generale phoned, that’s what Prolix told him. And, that he’d discovered a patch of mould under his living room carpet. The Smackmaster Generale didn’t have much planned either, so little indeed, that coming round to see a patch of mould qualified as entertainment.

Thankfully, the afternoon didn’t end there. Booze was bought, some more friends rolled up unannounced, tunes were played and, out of nowhere, a party was in full flight. At 4pm.

Unplanned Afternoons was born, logically enough, by accident and now we’re taking it out of the living room and into the world. It’s a home from home where you can dress up, or dress down; shake your tailfeather, or take a load off; get back on the horse, or have a nice cup of tea.

Musically, think of Unplanned Afternoons as your mildly eccentric friend, letting you idly thumb through their vast record collection and discover all manner of curious delights. Old stuff, new stuff and somewhere inbetween stuff; it’s the songs you love and never get to hear, plus new tunes you won’t be able to live without.

So, whether you’re warming up to go out, still out from the night before, or just after a cheeky beer and a game of Kerplunk, we’re here to unplan your afternoon and make the world a simpler place. Good music, with good people, for a good reason.

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So far :{Unplanned Afternoons}: has raised money for the DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal, Make Poverty History, Amnesty International, Water Aid, London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, Niger Crisis Appeal, DEC Asia Quake Appeal, Crisis, Help The Aged, British Red Cross, Oxfam, Save The Children, UNICEF, World Vision, Merlin, Concern, Shelter, Cancer Research UK, CAFOD, Refugee Council, Friends Of The Earth, SOS Children’s Villages, DEC Darfur And Chad Crisis, Contact A Family, Just A Drop, Leukaemia Research, Save Darfur, The Prostate Cancer Charity, National AIDS Trust, Environmental Investigation Agency, British Heart Foundation, Love Music Hate Racism, DEC Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal and Refugee Week.

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