This smells:

I imagine that most Liverpool fans feel quite differently about John Henry and Fenway Sports Group, compared to United fans and the Glazer family. I was immediately suspicious when I heard they’d been working together and nothing has reversed that instinct.

It reminds me of Michael Howard’s Criminal Justice Bill in 1993; there are elements which give the initial impression, or veneer of a good idea, which are difficult to disagree with, but the reality is a blunt ruse to smuggle through some really hideous shit. For example:


The Premier League would hand over 25% of its annual income to the EFL.
A £250m rescue fund made immediately available to the Football League, to stave off a financial disaster among its 72 clubs.


The Premier League cut from 20 to 18 clubs.
Nine clubs given ‘special voting rights’ on certain issues, based on their extended runs in the Premier League.

I am fundamentally opposed to anything which dicks about with a club’s position, power, or ‘rights’ in the Premier League based on anything apart from footballing merit, that season. The FA and Premier League run the competition and the clubs earn the right to be there.

What’s worse, according to the Beeb, “it is anticipated it will receive the backing of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur”. Plus, “there is no mention of Aston Villa and Newcastle United, both of whom have featured in more Premier League campaigns than Manchester City.”

My friend, Matt Gunning, posted a Venn diagram of United, Prince Andrew and the Black Eyed Peas, where the intersect is: they’ve all been useless since Fergie left. (On a point of pedantry, the Black Eyed Peas started being useless when Fergie JOINED, but never mind that now).

If United are 16th in the table, that is (great news and) their problem to deal with on the pitch, not rely on fading, former glories. It’s also short-sighted; we’re continually told that the Premier League is the best in the world and, if that’s true, it’s precisely because one of the richest clubs in the world can still lose two of their first three games and ship 11 goals in the process.

You don’t improve your league by making it less competitive and more predictable. I don’t understand why every league and, indeed, sport doesn’t look at American football and realise that maintaining competitiveness is vital to retaining public interest.

I’m not suggesting that football should adopt the draft system, but it is a mechanism to engineer a more level playing field, just as Project Big Picture is a shameless mechanism to protect vested interests.

I am ashamed that my club would put their name to this and appalled that they were the authors.

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