:{IS LOVING…}: CHAIRLIFT: i belong in your arms //

CHAIRLIFT: i belong in your arms [young turks/columbia] //

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album: something [released 23rd january 2012] //
reviews: metacritic.com //
chairlifted.com //

Plus, RCRD LBL are hosting several FREE Chairlift tracks, including Sinden’s whopping remix of ‘Evident Utensil’.

“Chairlift, a multi-instrumental two-piece, currently hailing from Brooklyn, New York, play a thoughtful, dream-filled pop music, combining the timelessness of unforgettable melody with spare and sophisticated production, a meta-psychedelic worldview, and a classical avant-garde sensibility resolutely and merrily embracing the future.

Chairlift is: Aaron Pfenning, an experimental minimalist guitar player, who creates the delicate haunting quality of Chairlift; Caroline Polachek, a Connecticut-born singer whose vocals shape-shift from the ethereal to the earthy to the evanescent, depending on the particular needs or lines of a song; and Patrick Wimberly, a Nashville native whose decision to study jazz and orchestral arrangements at university first brought him into the radius of the band.”

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