:{IS LOVING…}: JAGWAR MA: come save me {the bumblebeez mix} //

JAGWAR MA: come save me {the bumblebeez mix} [the blue rider] //

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original released: 27th february 2012 //
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:{NB}: the video is for the original, not The Bumblebeez remix.

To dismiss ‘Come Save Me’ as a more radio friendly ANIMAL COLLECTIVE would be damning with faint praise, but they share a love of Beach Boys melody and the opening is certainly redolent of PANDA BEAR’s ‘Comfy in Nautica’ (especially when JAGWAR MA is played at the wrong speed).

The Bumblebeez reworking is altogether different, casting any retro yearnings through the nearest window, slicing the original in two with a bleeping, squeaking bread knife and dancing about on its grave singing “Hallelujah”. A difficult sensation to articulate, but it feels like a remix where it helps to hear the original first. Either way, it’s a lot of wonky fun, which they usefully describe as “a journey from Peru to Pluto, meeting Hendrix along the way.”

“When I was living in Berlin we would go to a bar called Club Bassy, where they only played vinyl from the 40s/50s/60s and we would dance our pants off.” says Jono of the band’s early days “Afterwards we would go to Panorama Bar, where they only play vinyl from the year 2000+ and we would dance our pants off to deep, deep techno and house. There was something about that journey each weekend in Berlin that I really loved and I guess Jagwar Ma follows that in a way: I wanted to start a project that somehow combined those two unlikely worlds.”

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