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“Blake Hazard (the lady of the band) was living in Boston, making music. John Dragonetti was doing the same under the name Jack Drag, which was, it seems, him and his projects all at once. I asked if one day, in Boston, John had set eyes on Blake and said ‘Boy, I’d like to have a complicated relationship with that woman’ (you’ll see).

“No, that came later,” answered John, laughing, “I mean, we had mutual friends, and Boston is a pretty small music scene.” “We had mutual band mates,” Blake added. “Yeah, just a lot of friends in common, I had this band Jack Drag for quite a few years, and the fellow that I played bass with played with Blake.” Blake smiled. “I heard a lot of John’s music too, a particular record he did called ‘Aviating’ I really liked, and I had a lot of songs ready to be recorded, and so I approached John. He agreed. So we worked on that, a couple songs at first, and then we thought okay let’s do the record, and then we started falling in love.”

But obviously the story doesn’t end there and, though now there is a happy ending, there were bumps to come. John continued: “When we met, we each had our own projects, but we also kind of like couldn’t be apart, and so Blake was like ‘I’ve got a European tour coming up, yeah be in my band’ It was just awesome.”

After touring they moved to Los Angeles, and soon afterwards broke up. They were living in different places, but were both still recording their own music in the studio John had at his place. Somehow, they wound up hearing what one another had been making: songs about the break up. This new understanding led them to get back together, and eventually get married. As a wedding present, one of their friends mastered the tracks for them, and that became [debut album] ‘Declare A New State!’”

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