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TOM WAITS: back in the crowd [anti-] //

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album: bad as me [released 24th october 2011] //
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The beautiful second single from the new TOM WAITS album, ‘Bad As Me’, sees him follow a melodic path familiar to much earlier work, including his 1973 debut, ‘Closing Time’. Simple, effortless production and beguiling Spanish guitars soundtrack Tom’s voice; like a big, friendly bear, absentmindedly singing to himself, whilst rifling the bins for leftover food.

“‘Back in the Crowd’ is a romantic ballad featuring the Spanish Tinge guitar work of both David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) and long time collaborator, Marc Ribot. Crooned in his best “Jim Reeves-meets-Elvis tenor” Waits’ describes his richly intimate performance “as an old fashioned jukebox tune for a slow dance with your girl (or guy).” Adding to the romance, Hidalgo beat out a Latin clave rhythm using his wedding ring on the side of his Jarana (a traditional 8 string guitar from Vera Cruz).”

Anyone else hear occasional echoes of JOHN LENNON’s ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’?

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