:{IS LOVING…}: LANA DEL REY: video games //

LANA DEL REY: video games [stranger] //

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single: video games/blue jeans [released 16th october] //
www.lanadelrey.com //

I may start a club for like-minded souls who are reduced to tears by ‘Video Games’; you are my people.  Rumours persist that there lies a Machiavellian, Cowellesque hand manufacturing her studied, indie cool. And, whilst her supersized trout pout does seem an odd aesthetic choice, such concerns evaporate when the music is this knee-tremblingly good.  Mover Shaker’s remix stands, therefore, almost inevitably in the original’s shadows, but it is FREE and still worth a listen:
LANA DEL REY: video games {mover shaker mix} //
FREE download: bit.ly/q2w6iR //
soundcloud.com/downloadmovershaker //

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