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SCENIC: another sky {the magician mix} [future classic] //

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“Scenic is devoted to attractive, breathtaking, charming, impressive, lovely, panoramic, picturesque, pleasing, spectacular, striking music.”

“Future Classic’s newest addition is four-piece Scenic from Perth, Australia – home of Tame Impala, Canyons and a wealth of young musical talent.  Scenic create enchanting dance music rooted in pop. Their sound is an abstract journey of drifting, floating, dreaming and falling in love.  They were quickly spotted by “The Godfather of French Electro” Joakim who released their first single This Can’t Be on his Tigersushi label out of Paris.  Scenic’s first EP for Future Classic features two blissed out songs ‘Another Sky’ and ‘Endless Days’ and a floor-friendly remix by The Magician, who’s remix for Lykke Li and Peter and The Magician EP with Yuksek made us smile (and dance).”

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