:{UNPLANNED AFTERNOONS #68}: Saturday 20th November


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ridiculous eclecticism, guaranteed, with Prolix, Ruby Rocks, Arnold Trubshaw, Blindness [DJ set]

Saturday 20th November, 3pm-12am
FREE – donations welcome in aid of charity
, 83 St. Paul’s Road, Islington, London, N1 2LY
:{directions and stuff}:
nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

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As you may know by now, The Unplanned Allstars play the best music in the world, every month and all the money collected goes to charity. We’ve got some old stuff, new stuff and somewhere inbetween stuff. It’s the songs you love and never get to hear, plus new tunes you won’t be able to live without. We’re here to unplan your afternoon and make the world a simpler place.

Good music, with good people, for a good reason and ridiculous eclecticism, guaranteed, since 2005.

The Alwyne is a charming boozer, only a stones-throw from Highbury & Islington tube and the north end of Upper Street. They’ve got 22 draught beers and ciders, a large wine list and a full menu.

:{MAI ’68}:
‘Nous Sommes Le Pouvoir’ translates as ‘We Are The Power’; a slogan from the Paris uprising of May 1968. French students took to the streets, triggering the most formidable revolt which almost overturned the French République of President Charles de Gaulle. A general strike involving 11 million workers, roughly two thirds of the French workforce, brought the economy to a virtual standstill. For two months, Paris lived life on the barricades and the whole of the country was seized with revolutionary fever. Mai ’68 was a political failure for the protesters, but it had an enormous social impact. It’s considered a watershed moment when the paradigm shifted from a conservative towards a more liberal moral ideal, which better describes French society today.

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