:{UA#61: UNPLANNED 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY}: May Day Bank Holiday, Sunday 2nd May

:{UA#61: UNPLANNED 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY}: May Day Bank Holiday, Sunday 2nd May

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ridiculous eclecticism, guaranteed, with Prolix, Spencer & Ruby Rocks, Arnold Trubshaw, Ogrizovic, Johnny O

May Day Bank Holiday, Sunday 2nd May, 4pm-12am
FREE – donations welcome in aid of charity
, 83 St. Paul’s Road, Islington, London, N1 2LY
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nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

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Aah, five long years on this blue and green globe. Baby photos are unrecognisable and but a distant memory. Our first steps inconsequential now we can ride a bike and go to the toilet like a big boy (most of the time). Yes, we have arrived. And, now, it is the proper time of life for looking to the future and what exciting vistas lie beyond the horizon. Spaceman is a definite possibility; princess, a contender; put a maybe next to professional footballer… or, maybe we’ll be Nick Clegg.

In the meantime, let’s put aside these wistful thoughts of our callow youth and focus on the important business of our
So, we want jelly, and ice cream, and sausages, and crisps, and cake, and beer, and all our friends, and jumping up and down, and the best music in the world.

Is that alright, mummy?

As you may know by now, The Unplanned Allstars play the best music in the world, every month and all the money collected goes to charity. We’ve got some old stuff, new stuff and somewhere inbetween stuff. It’s the songs you love and never get to hear, plus new tunes you won’t be able to live without. We’re here to unplan your afternoon and make the world a simpler place.

Good music, with good people, for a good reason and ridiculous eclecticism, guaranteed, since 2005.

The Alwyne is a charming boozer, only a stones-throw from Highbury & Islington tube and the north end of Upper Street. They’ve got 22 draught beers and ciders, a large wine list and a full menu. And, we’re in safe hands, as the The Alwyne is under the stewardship of long-serving :{UA}: devotee, Rory.

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